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Academic centers

School of Engineering    Facebook EngineeringUAB   Twitter EngineeringUAB   LinkedIn EngineeringUAB   Youtube EngineeringUAB  
Faculty of Economics and Business Studies    Twitter EconomicsUAB  
Faculty of Biosciences    Facebook BiosciencesUAB   Twitter BiosciencesUAB  
Faculty of Science    Facebook ScienceUAB   Twitter ScienceUAB  
Faculty of Education   
Faculty of Communication    Facebook CommunicationUAB   Twitter CommunicationUAB  
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology    Facebook SciencePoUAB   Twitter SciencePoUAB  
Faculty of Law    Facebook LawUAB   Twitter LawUAB   LinkedIn LawUAB  
Faculty or Philosophy and Arts    Facebook ArtsUAB   Twitter ArtsUAB  
Faculty of Medicine   
Faculty of Psychology    Facebook PsychologyUAB   Twitter PsychologyUAB  
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting     
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences    Facebook VeterinaryUAB  
FUAB Training    LinkedIn FUABF  
Language Service    Facebook UAB   Twitter UAB   Youtube UAB   Instragram SdL   Blogs UAB  


Science and Technology Library      Twitter BCTUAB  
Social Sciences Library      Twitter BCCSSUAB  
European Documentation Center    Facebook CDEUAB   Twitter CDEUAB   Delicious CDEUAB   Netvibes CDEUAB   Blogs CDEUAB  
Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives      Twitter BCHGUAB  
Humanities Library      Twitter BHumanitatsUAB  
Medicine Library    Twitter BMedicinaUAB  
UAB Sabadell Campus Library      Twitter BUSUAB  
Veterinary Library    Facebook BibVetUAB  
UAB Libraries Facebook BibVetUAB   Twitter BDigitalUAB  Youtube UAB  Instragram UAB  
Biblioteca Informacions    Blogs BibInformacionsUAB  

UAB Services

Physical activity service Facebook UAB   Twitter UAB   Youtube UAB   Instragram UAB   Blogs UAB  
Language service Facebook UAB   Twitter UAB   Youtube UAB   Instragram SdL   Blogs UAB  
Technical Services Twitter TIC UAB   Instragram UAB   Blog TIC UAB  

Participation entities

Solidarity Autonomous Foundation Facebook UAB   Twitter UAB   Instragram UAB


Manual of style and uses for the UAB's social networks (in Catalan)