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UAB in university rankings by scientific field and subjects

The UAB has a prominent position in the most relevant international university rankings by subject and scientific fields.

Global Ranking by Academic Subjects 2022 (ARWU)
Rank Scientific fields and subjects
1-50 Geography (34), Veterinary Sciences (5)
51-75 Agricultural Sciences
76-100 Biotechnology, Ecology, Economics
101-150 Atmospherical Sciences, Instrumental Sciences and Technology, Mathematics, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Oceanography, Physics, 
151-200 Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Energy Science and Engineering, Environment Science and Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Biological Sciences, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology   
201-300 Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Earth Sciences,  Education, Food Science and Technology, Psychology, Telecomunications Engineering


* Source: Global Ranking by Academic Subjects 2022 (ARWU)

Times Higher Education by Subject 2022

Rank Subject and scientific field
76-100 Art and Humanities (94)
101-150 Business and Economics, Social Sciences
126-150 Psychology
151-175 Education
176-200 Clinical, preclinical and health,
201-300 Engineering and Technology, Law, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences


* Source: Times Higher Education by Subject 2022

QS WUR 2022 by scientific fields
Rank Scientific field
1-100 Social Sciences and Management (92)
101-150 Arts and Humanities (108), Life Sciences and Medicine (117), Natural Sciences (133)
201-250 Engineering and Technology (212)


QS WUR 2022 by subject
Rank Subjects
1-50 Veterinary Sciences (23)
51-100 Agriculture and Forestry, Anatomy and Phisiology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Education and Training, Economics, Geography, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Sociology , Turismo
101-150 Biology, Chemical Engineering, Communication, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, History, Law and Legal studies, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics and Astronomy, Politics,Psychology, Social Policies and Administration
151-200 Accountability and Finance, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, English Language, Geology,  Materials Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology
+200 Art and Design, Business and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Philisophy


* Source: QS WUR by Subject 2022

US NEWS Best Global Universities Ranking 2021

Rank Scientific field and subject
51-75 Environment Sciences and Ecology (70)
76-100 Plant and Animal science (80),  Neurosciences and Behavior (83), Biotechnology (97), Infectious Diseases (98), Arts and Humanities (99) 
101-150 Clinical Medicine, Economics and Business, Immunology, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Oncology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physics, Psychiatry and psychology, Social Sciences, Space Sciences, Surgery
151-200 Agricultural Sciences, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, Materials Science, Microbiology, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Radiology
201-300 Biology and Biochemistry, Cardiology, Chemistry,  Computer Science, Electrical and Electronical Engineering, Geosciences


* Source: US NEWS Best Global Universities Ranking 2021

Scimago SIR 2022

Rank Scientific field and subjects
1-50 Veterinary Science (35)
76-100 Social Sciences (86)
101-150 Art and Humanities (115)
201-300 Accountability and Business, Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Ambiental Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Science, Economics and Finances, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology


* Source: Scimago SIR 2022