Community, belonging and commitment

Changes for a new situation

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona faces demographic and social changes which will entail a new profile of students: these students will be born digital, accustomed to accessing a great amount of information and establishing numerous and strong relationships through the network. They will have a great interest in increasing knowledge in many areas, but at more superficial levels, and they will be immersed in a world based on the development of remote activities, immediate access and permanent connection. The future student will be global, from all continents and of all ages (bachelor's, master's and PhD students) and therefore the university must also evolve together with its community.
The concept of community evolves, as does the character of belonging to the institution and the commitment acquired.
As a starting point, the objectives the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona poses to overcome current community, belonging and commitment challenges by 2030 are:

1. To accentuate the feeling of belonging and community associated with the UAB's institutional values.
Within this objective, the following actions are proposed:

  1. To promote a UAB community (students, PDI, PAS and alumni) with a high degree of loyalty towards the institution, involved in decision-making processes and in promoting the prestige of the university.
  2. To become a fairer and more egalitarian university, characterised by a critical and innovative spirit.
  3. To build a corporate identity for all centres, creating a university brand and offering bold differentiating attributes.
  4. To help students in their passage through university and make it a transforming moment in terms of personal and professional growth and of involvement in community or cultural actions.
  5. To expand the range of forms of participating in the university community and in co-creation, with transparency in decision-making processes and adapting to the diversity of the community.
  6. To improve internal communication with the different members who make up the UAB community.
  7. To increase the feeling of belonging and commitment of the PDI in relation to the institution, in order to minimize individualistic attitudes.
2. To promote the external projection of the University at all levels .
Within this objective, the following actions are proposed:
  1. To promote the communication of UAB values and its differential attributes.
  2. To prepare the map of the UAB's areas of knowledge and disseminate it on a global scale.
  3. To encourage internal and external communication of the impact of knowledge transfer conducted by the UAB, with the aim of stimulating and increasing its visualization, with special emphasis on social impact.
  4. To reinforce the institutional leadership within the Catalan university system, becoming a key liaison between institutions and the Government of Catalonia in terms of university policy.
  5. To increase the communicative impact on society, highlighting those aspects in which the UAB is a benchmark in the national or international arena.
  6. To become a benchmark in university social responsibility and increase the visibility of the UAB's social balance.