The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has detected the need for increasingly interdisciplinary, open, translational, cooperative and practical knowledge capable of responding to today's main challenges and social problems such as food, health, social inequalities, poverty and the effects of ageing, globalisation and demographic change.

A key element in the structure of the academic programmes and research offered to our university community are the spaces fostering interpersonal relations and the concurrence of different groups belonging to the university community, leading to the transmission of university values and the generation of social relations.
As a starting point, the objectives the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona poses to overcome current campus challenges by 2030 are:
1. To build a global UAB campus, which acts as a node in the territory of knowledge.
Within this objective, the following actions are proposed:

  1. To promote a shared strategy among all institutions belonging to the UAB Sphere.
  2. To advance towards a global UAB campus, which strengthens the relationship and technological connectivity with its national and international extensions, considered as a hub within a global network of higher education.
  3. To promote the development of transversal, interdisciplinary projects conducted jointly by different centres.
  4. To expand the campus to other locations, by reaching agreements with other actors when deemed necessary.
  5. To have physical spaces to promote non-formal learning and digital social innovation, such as the UAB's  Fab Living Labs.
  6. To facilitate interactions between different disciplines to move towards a fully interdisciplinary campus.
  7. To become a campus of reference in creating tendencies.
2. To promote community interaction and the transmission of values on campus.
Within this objective, the following actions are proposed:
  1. To promote the campus as a space which favours the relationship, confluence and cohesion of the different groups belonging to the UAB community, where new values are transmitted and social relationships are generated.
  2. To promote a lively campus, a source of vital experiences and personal relationships which generates a feeling of belonging and a sense of culture.
  3. To have facilities and equipment adapted to the vision of the UAB by 2030, with a structure of spaces adapted to the new demands.
  4. To implement a suitable urban development model, within the framework of sustainable development of public spaces, services, energy management and campus mobility.
  5. To promote a more diverse community (interdisciplinary, intergenerational, intercultural and international), innovative and open to its environment and the professional world.
  6. To have study and work spaces that are versatile, adaptable and comfortable, and that enhance the socialisation and interaction among the members of the university community.
  7. To encourage participation in associationism as a source of personal enrichment.
  8. To promote the University City as an accommodation option for members of the UAB community and other professionals and organisations participating in university exchanges, with affordable prices and better services.
  9. To promote the development of university community support services.