Payment options

How do I pay?

Enrolment payments must be made via direct debit order. There are two possible options:

1. In one instalment: The enrolment fee is charged to your bank account from the same day as your registration is accepted.

2. In three instalments: this option is possible only if you enrol before October 29. A 30% of the credits you enrol in, plus the total fee for administrative processes will be charged to your bank account the day of your enrolment. Another 30% will be charged on November 15 and the remaining 40% will be charged on or after December 20.

Your bank account (with IBAN and BIC codes, the latter required only if your bank is not within Spain) must belong to a bank located in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, United Kingdom, San Marino or Switzerland.

Students enrolling as conditional grant holders can only pay by direct debit and cannot defer payment.

You also have the possibility to pay your enrolment fees by contracting a loan.
You must have a bank account number, update your bank account details, if so required, and select: Préstec AGAUR as method of payment.

Bear in mind

When enrolling, you will need to have your bank account details at hand in order to enter your direct debit information.

If you request an enrolment modification which entails additional costs, these must be paid in one instalment and will be charged to your bank account. You will be charged for the modifications on or after the day they are approved.

If you apply as a grant holder you can make a deferred payment plan. If you have applied for a grant, but for any reason must submit more documents or have been denied the grant, this will entail modifications in your enrolment. These modifications must be paid for apart, in one instalment and after ten days of receiving the final resolution on your application. This however will not affect the terms of your deferred payment plan.