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Official Master's Degrees prices

Credit price (academic services) in official master's degress is set out every year by the Decree setting prices for the provision of academic services to the public universities of Catalonia and by the University Social Council.

Official master's degrees:

a) Professional-oriented and with recomendations Master's degrees

Prices for Professional-oriented and with recomendations Master's degrees
Master's degrees UE price Non-UE price
  • Legal profession
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training and Language Centres
  • General Health Psychology
  • Psychopedagogics – Speciality at Formal Education
18,46 € 66 €

b) Non-professional-oriented Master's degrees

Prices for Non-professional-oriented Master's degrees
Master's degrees UE price Non-UE price
All non-professional-oriented Master's degrees 27,67 € Check the fees calculator

General Information

Other concepts which may be included in the enrolment fee:

  • Academic record management: 69.80 euros.
  • Specific services and learning support services: 70 euros.
  • Compulsory student insurance (for students under 28): 1.12 euros.
  • Additional insurance: 4.48 euros.
  • Mobility insurance: 8.06 euros.
  • Equivalence study for foreign degrees to gain access to master from outside the European Union, or application for a study of the academic career of the university graduates in foreign education systems from outside the European Union to gain access to master degress: 218.15 euros.
  • Other UAB services (SAF, FAS, etc.).

Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS)

As a UAB student, you can voluntarily contribute with 18 euros, while paying for your enrolment, to the Fundació Autònoma Solidària for solidarity actions and development cooperation. For more information, visit this website:

Physical Activity Service (SAF)

If you want to make use of the UAB sports facilities, you can sign up to the Physical Activity Service from the moment you register on your degree up to 30.9.2024. The fee is €144 (around €12 per month if you register before October 1st).

To get access to the sports facilities and services you will need to make an appointment on the website to complete the payment process. On the day of the appointment, you should bring your degree registration document to the SAF reception desk.

Paying this amount via Academic Registration implies that you accept all the SAF Regulations. Please note that no refund of the amount paid will be made unless it is for reasons attributable to the SAF or in compliance with the right of legal withdrawal. Consult the website for the conditions of hiring and withdrawal.

Fees information

The prices for the academic and administrative services of the official studies are set out every year by the Catalan government, within the Decree on public prices at the Catalan public universities.

Prices for UAB-specific studies are established by the Social Council. The affiliated university schools establish these fees themselves, following the Social Council advice.

Affiliated university schools separate public prices and their own on their enrolment applications. The price of the academic management support for official studies is 160 euros.

More information (catalan):