The professional internships are part of the optional subjects of the study plan of the Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, have 12 credits and a duration of 300 hours.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in BAM+Law, have 6 credits and a duration of 150 hours.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a maximum of 1 subject of 12 credits can be taken, with a maximum of 300 hours.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations is a subject of 12 credits and lasts 300 hours.

The internships are planned for the first or second term and the collaboration between interested organizations and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Internships do not entail, at any time, an employment obligation, present or future, with the students.

Coordination of the internship programs:

Criminology Degree:
Study Coordinator:  Dr. Josep Cid
Internship Coordinator: Helena Mulero and Laura Zurera
Law Degree:
Study Coordinator:  Dra. Núria Reynal
Internship Coordinator: Dra. Noelia Igareda

Labour Relations Degree:
Study and Internship Coordinator: Dra. Olga Paz

Pautas autoprácticum. Grados Facultad de Derecho (PDF, )
September 2023: Informational internship meeting of Law, BAM+Law and RRLL Degrees (PDF, )
Degree internships calendar. Academic year 2023/2024 (PDF, )
Administrative calendar of the Faculty of Law. Academic year 2023/2024 (PDF, )
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The subject of the internship is optional to all the degree study plans of the Faculty of Law. Because it’s included in the 4th year, to enrol, it is necessary to have passed the entire 1st year and a minimum of 120 credits between 1st, 2nd and 3rd years.