Undergraduate enrolment FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about undergraduate enrolment.

You need to enrol online on the day that your faculty allocates to you. If you are entitled to a fee reduction or waiver, make sure to check whether you have to send in any documents beforehand. 

Go to the web address www.uab.cat/matricula for all information about enrolment and to see whether your faculty is holding a welcome session for new students. 

When you get the welcome email confirming your place at the UAB, check out the information page for your degree to find out the exact enrolment dates (https://www.uab.cat/web/estudiar/grau/matricula/data-i-lloc-de-matricula-de-1r-curs-1345662201533.html).
Be sure to go carefully through the information on the page www.uab.cat/matricula.
It's a good idea to enrol as soon as possible within the dates set. 

You will lose your place. If this is your case, before the deadline, contact your faculty's Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) urgently.  

These are listed for your degree course and your situation in the section "Documents". Send in the documents using a web-form. 

If you enrolled for the university entrance exams (PAU) as a member of a large family (FN in its Catalan abbreviation), and your FN card was issued in Catalonia and is still valid, you need take no further action: when enrolling you will be prompted to select the corresponding deduction.

If your large-family card was issued in another Autonomous Community, you will need to submit it before enrolling. On the enrolment website (www.uab.cat/matricula), you will find a form that can be used to send a copy of it, but don't forget to submit the original to your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) office later on. 

Yes, a receipt will be sent to the email address you provide in the form. 

This is the direct debit order and you need to send it to your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) office using the form provided. When enrolling online, on the payment screen you enter the account number for the corresponding direct debit. In subsequent years, you will only need to submit the SEPA again if you make the payment from a different current account. 

Yes, except in certain cases in which you will have to submit the original document, such as the request to your university of origin to transfer your entrance-exam records, if you took the exam  in another Autonomous Community. 

You can also submit a photocopy and show the original so that your Gestió Acadèmica can attest the photocopy. 

See the information page for your bachelor's degree, where you will find instructions from the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management).

Information page for your bachelor's degree, where you will find instructions from the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management).

Remember you can't generate the NIU until you've received the welcome email from the UAB. 

For technical issues with enrolment, such as problems getting your NIU, please contact the IT Support Centre (CAS).
Telephone number: 93 581 21 00
E-mail: cas@uab.cat

For IT issues with enrolment, please contact the IT Support Centre ( CAS).
Telephone number: 93 581 21 00
E-mail: cas@uab.cat

This is the Physical Activity Service of the UAB. If you sign up to this service, you can use its facilities for sports activities, take part in competitions, etc.  See its website for more information: https://saf.uab.cat/

All queries should be addressed to the UAB Language Service itself: https://www.uab.cat/web/uab-idiomes-campus-1345809593065.html

If you want to enrol as a conditional grant-holder, exempted from paying first-time enrolment fees until your grant application is resolved, first take a careful look at the information on this page: https://www.uab.cat/web/estudiar/grau/matricula/demanar-beca-1345667904450.html.

Keep in mind that the financial credential, the general grant and the Equity grant are each applied for separately. If you had the general grant last year, you don't need to apply for the financial credential, but you will have to make a new application for the general grant. 

Enrolment as a conditional grant-holder does not mean you have been awarded the grant: this must be applied for specifically every academic year. 

No, you can't enrol as a grant-holder. You will have to pay the normal enrolment fee and apply for the grant. Later on, if you are awarded the grant, the UAB will automatically make the corresponding reimbursement. 
In these cases we recommend making the payment in three instalments. 

If you have been awarded the financial credential, when you enrol you can mark the general-grant holder option. This way, you won't pay the academic fees for first-time enrolment until your grant application is resolved. If you get the grant, you won't have to pay these fees. If you don't get the grant, you will need to pay the amount due.

When a grant application is turned down, the UAB will take payment of the enrolment fees, in a single instalment and by direct debit from the account you provided when enrolling. You will get prior notification of this by email. 

You don't need to apply if you did your Batxillerat in Catalonia, because we already have the information from the pre-enrolment office, and the discount will appear when you enrol. If your Batxillerat studies were in another Autonomous Community, then you will need to notify us before enrolling. On the enrolment website, you will find a form that can be used to send a copy of the document showing you have the distinction, but don't forget to submit the original to your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) office later on. 

You only need to select the distinction option. Your grant application will still be processed. 

Yes, you can: they don't disqualify you. Your large-family card guarantees you a discount or a waiver of your enrolment fees. As well as that, depending on your circumstances, you can be granted a certain amount of money for reasons of distance from the UAB, assistance, etc. 

In this case, you will only pay the €70 that all students are charged for specific services and support for learning, and the compulsory student insurance. 

No, there is no discount in university enrolment fees in this case. 

The UAB's academic regulations limit the number of distinctions that can be awarded per year and subject. 
Click on this link to find out the deduction for obtaining a distinction in one or more subjects. 

When enrolling for the first time on undergraduate studies, you have to  enrol for at least 60 credits, or the equivalent of the whole first academic year in the case of double degrees. 
When enrolling for the second and subsequent times, the minimum is 42 credits.
In all cases the maximum is 78 credits.
Here you can see the minimum and maximum number of credits to enrol for depending on the mode of study chosen (full- or part-time).

The UAB's rules on continuation of studies let you choose between studying full-time or part-time.
If you choose to study part-time, when enrolling for the first time you need to enrol for at least 30 credits and up to a maximum of 42. If you want to do more than that, you will have to enrol full-time, in which case the minimum number is 60 credits.
Here you can see the minimum and maximum number of credits to enrol for depending on the mode of study chosen (full- or part-time. 

If there is more than one group available, you can choose when you enrol. 

This is an insurance policy for accidents and civil liability offered by the UAB. 
You can sign up for it when you enrol. 
In some subjects and degree courses this insurance policy is compulsory (subjects that involve laboratory practicals, field trips, etc.). In this case, this option will already be selected in your enrolment form. 
You can find out more about this insurance here
If you have been accepted on an exchange programme for this academic year, you need to take out complementary mobility insurance. 

In this case we would advise you to select the complementary insurance box on the enrolment form, though it may already be selected if the type of studies you are enrolling on makes it compulsory. 
On this link you will find full information on the complementary insurance.

Enrolment at the UAB is for the whole academic year. 

If you have cancelled your enrolment because the Office for University Entry (OAU) has assigned another place to you within the same admission process, you are entitled to a refund, except for the costs of handling your academic record.

If you have been assigned a place as a new student and you cancel your enrolment completely, a place will only be reserved for the next year if you have paid the enrolment fees.

Yes, you can ask for your enrolment to be cancelled or modified. 
You need to submit the request, addressed to the office of the dean or director of the centre, to the centre's Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management Office). 
For full information on the conditions that apply to these requests, see the web page

Refunds are only possible if the cancellation was for reasons attributable to the UAB, or for health reasons duly documented by the student. 

You don't need to select this fee when enrolling. 
The fee is only charged to you when the enrolment is modified. 

The UAB has a protocol in place for transsexual, transgender and intersex persons to change their legal name to their preferred name. 
Contact your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) to find out how to make this change.

Before contacting your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) office or any other UAB service, we advise you to read the information available at www.uab.cat/matricula. If you can't find what you need, or there is a problem during the enrolment process, on this link you can find out how to contact your Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management) office or the service that can best deal with your problem.