Undergraduate enrolment FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about undergraduate enrolment.

When you are told that you have been given a place on a UAB programme, you can immediately check the website: www.uab.cat/matricula (click on your studies and check the section "Your enrolment") to find out the scheduled date and time for your enrolment and the documents you will need to hand in.

You should enrol by internet on the day assigned by your faculty. If you are entitled to a fee reduction or exemption, check to see if you need to send any documents beforehand.

On the website you will find materials that explain the enrolment procedure and announcements of any welcome sessions organised by your faculty for newly arriving students.

You will lose your place. Urgently contact the Gestió Acadèmica (Academic Management Office) of the faculty assigned to you.

You will find a detailed list of all the documentation you need by clicking on your studies and the section "Documentation".

If you decide not to register for a complete year you can choose part-time registration and you will only register for half of the credits. Authorisation is automatic and no additional documentation is needed. If, having already started the course you want to change your mode of study, you will need to consult the information in your Gestió Acadèmica, they will inform you on the dates to make that change.

When you enrol you can choose your schedule as long as there are free seats on the sessions of your choice. If there are not, you can always ask for a change, as long as you are able to show proof that you really need it.

Yes. Even though you may already be enroled, you can be reassigned until September, as long as you go to: https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat and click on the option: Continuar en el proceso de reasignación de plazas (Carry on with the admission reassignation process).