Academic Administration Service


The Academic Administration Service is responsible for administrative and academic issues concerning teachers and students, as well as support tasks.

Academic Administration of the Faculty
Tel: 93.581.17.58
Exchange Office: 93.581.17.58
Fax: 93.581.17.28


. Only by visit-by-appointment System.

Closed during Christmas holidays, Eastern Holidays, and August.

You can visit us for:
- Enquiries about academic regulations, academic records and issues related to the syllabus
- Certificates
- Certified documents
- Official recognition of courses
- Registration
- Access to a change of studies
- Administration of certificates
- Admission to Official Masters Degrees
- Extension of registration
- Cancellation of registration
- Change of subject
- Change of group
- Processing of requests
- Special examination sessions
- Work experience in companies, organisations and institutions