Assembly of Students

This is the students’ representative body, which discusses and takes decisions on matters specific to their area. The assembly is regulated in accordance with Article of Association 149.i UAB, which guarantees the students’ right to free association.



Delegates play a vital role in the effective academic monitoring of courses. They are basic partners in enhancing and promoting a comprehensive education model, where the student is the central character in the educational process and plays an active role in their own education.

Delegates are chosen by their classmates at the beginning of the academic year, they form part of the teaching commissions in the centres and they are in direct contact with the Dinamització Comunitària Unit.

Student Advisor Program

Assembly of Catalan Language and Literature Students

The UAB’s Assembly of Catalan Language and Literature Studentsorganises the FILCAT UAB Conference. This conference started in 2012 in order to promote Catalan studies. The activities scheduled are meant to be both educational and to enhance activism, and they combine academic and cultural events.

Estrat Jove

A group of students of History that publishes the magazine Analecta Arqueológica, a student platform around archaeology, history and related sciences. The vocation of this publication made by students is to reach all levels of the university structure: students (whatever the course), professors and people interested in archaeology.