Returning students' enrolment

Check when you can enrol online

Please check the day and time when you can enrol online at, under the section "check your registration schedule". You can find more information on the enrolment process at your bachelor's degree website (information in Catalan).

Preparing to enrol

Be sure to prepare different combinations in case a module or group is full. If you have documents certifying a reduction in tuition fees, please make sure they are updated and check the date on which they must be handed in. Information on how to apply for a grant and on credits in recognition of extra-curricular activities are also available.

Online enrolment

Click on the application available at, choose the online enrolment option "Online self-registration (from outside the UAB)" or "Self-registration at UAB reserved classroom". You will need your student ID number and password.

Enrolment fees

Tuition fees are always paid by direct debit order and are charge to your bank account starting on the day after enrolment. Please check payment methods. With the enrolment simulator you can calculate the total amount of your tuition fees and/or the amount of split payments. Information on how to apply for a grant is also available.

Doubts during the enrolment process?

If you have any doubts or questions while you are enrolling online, you can call your teaching centre. If you need to ask the question in person, please visit your faculty's Academic Administration Centre. Check the list of teaching centres in which you must schedule an appointment beforehand.