Undergraduate payment terms FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about undergraduate payment terms.

It is preferable that you pay your fees by standing order through the bank account you included in your enrolment payment form.

Enrolment fees are set annually by the Government of Catalonia. You can consult the registration fee simulator to calculate your enrolment fees.

Registration fee simulator

Yes, you can pay in one only instalment and the fees will be charged to your bank account on or after the day you complete your enrolment. Or you can pay in three part payments: approximately 30% on or after the day you enrol, another 30% after 15 November and the last 40% after 20 December.

If you have applied for a grant, you can enrol and choose the deferred payment option.

Yes, you can apply for a loan through AGAUR.

In that case you must provide your bank account details before enrolling. To apply for the loan, your enrolment fees must range between 500 euros and 9600 euros.

More information: AGAUR loan

Your enrolment will be completed once you have paid all enrolment fees.

Failure to pay the enrolment fee on time will lead to you being considered officially in default status. If you do pay at a later moment, you will also need to pay the additional charges determined by the UAB Board of Trustees.

Check conditions

If you wish to completely cancel or make a change to your registration you can submit a request to the Academic Management Service (Gestió Acadèmica) within the established periods. The request should be addressed to the office of the dean or the director of your centre.

  • In the first period for making requests, you may ask for first- and second-semester subjects to be modified. In the second period you may ask for second-semester subjects to be modified, if you have not already requested this and if it will not imply an increase in the registration fee.
  • To cancel core subjects and mandatory subjects that you have not passed, you will need to cancel the new subjects that you have enrolled on as well.
  • The fee for modifying registrations is paid by direct debit in a single instalment, and will not be added to any other outstanding payments. Payment will be collected after the date of the resolution.
  • Once the registration has been cancelled or modified, this will be recorded on the academic transcript and cannot be revoked.
  • Modifications to registration will have the corresponding effect on students who have applied for grants offered or managed by the UAB.

A refund is only possible if the cancellation or modification takes place for reasons attributable to the UAB or for duly justified reasons on the part of the student.

If you have cancelled your registration because the Office for Guidance on University Access (OOAU) has given you a place on another course, you will be entitled to a refund only until the date specified on the Decree on public prices, except for the amount paid for processing your academic transcript.

If you have cancelled your registration completely, a place will be reserved for you for the following academic year only, provided you have paid the registration fee. This is applicable only once, and only to students coming to the UAB for the first time.