Payment options

How to Make the Payment

Tuition fees are paid by direct debit and in the case of master's degrees and doctoral programmes, these can also be paid by either credit or debit card.

When payment is made by card, this cannot be made in instalments.

When payment is made by direct debit, this can be:

  1. In a single payment: the amount of the registration fee can be debited from your bank account on the same day that you formalise this. The enrolment form indicates the date from which you can make the payment.
  2. In three instalments: only if you formalise enrolment before 31 October. 30% of the fees corresponding to enrolled credits, in addition to the total sum of all obligatory and optional administrative fees, is charged to your bank account from the same day that you formalise enrolment. A further 30% will be charged to your bank account from 15 November, with the remaining 40% being charged from 20 December.

Your bank account (the details of which must include the IBAN code and, if the institution is not located in Spain, its BIC code), must pertain to a financial institution located within the European Union, Andorra, Vatican City, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the United Kingdom, San Marino or Switzerland.

Students who formalise their enrolment as conditional grant holders can pay by direct debit only and cannot pay through instalments.

Payment can also be made by taking out a loan. For this purpose, you must have an account number, update your bank details if necessary, and select the "Prestec AGAUR" payment method.

Please Keep in Mind

In order to enrol, you must have all necessary bank details to hand so as to provide information on direct debit.

If you request changes to enrolment and this entails an additional payment, this must be paid in a single payment by direct debit. The fee will charged to your bank account from the date of resolution.

If you formalise your enrolment as a grant holder, you can pay in advance. If you have applied for a grant and this cannot yet be processed due to the lack of application form or other documentation, or if you have applied for this but have not been accepted, this represents a modification of enrolment. Consequently, you have to pay the difference resulting in a single payment, therefore, you must pay the outstanding balance in a single payment, which will be charged after 10 days following the date of resolution, without effect on any outstanding postponed-payment deadlines.

The "Prestec AGAUR"

AGAUR (The Catalan Agency for the Administration of University and Research Grants) offers the possibility of paying tuition fees in monthly instalments in accordance with the terms established by each university.

If you wish to apply for this type of loan, please review the conditions of the AGAUR loan as a payment method, before enrolling, at:

For all queries questions concerning this option, please contact

If you select this payment method, please keep the following in mind:

  • This loan may be applied for if you are taking official studies.
  • You must have direct-debit payment arranged. Remember to update your bank details when you formalise your enrolment or self-enrolment, to select the "Prestec AGAUR " payment method and to confirm the details both of your permanent address and the address that you have during the academic year.
  • To apply for this loan, the amount of your tuition fees must be at least €200 and at most €9,600. Grant holders can also apply for the loan as long as the total amount of their enrolment fee is higher than the minimum amount established.
  • If you are an EU student, you must provide your NIE/passport number, or the green-card or NIE-assignment number. If you are a non-EU foreigner, you must provide a valid residence card with a valid photograph.
  • You must not be listed on the RAI/ASNEF or any other public debt registry.
  • The loan allows for 100% financing of the registration fee. Arrangement fee: 3.25 % of the amount financed, payable on the first payment. Interest rate: 0 % annual correction. No early-repayment fee applies.
  • You can apply for this payment method if you formalise your enrolment before 23th October.
  • The loan does not cover modifications of enrolment made after 10 October. If self-modify enrolment, please remember to notify your academic administration office so that it can incorporate the total corresponding to the modification of the AGAUR loan. After this date, the amount corresponding to any modifications must be paid in a single payment and by direct debit.
  • Once you have enrolled, you must wait to receive an email from AGAUR with information about processing, at the email address given on your enrolment form. You will receive this e-mail from 11 October. The two-week period to formalise your loan with the financial institution is calculated from the moment you receive this e-mail.
  • Please confirm all the information given on the AGAUR website and make sure, before you click on this payment option, that you wish to pay your tuition fees by means of the loan. If you subsequently receive a study grant, the amount granted is used for reduction or repayment of the loan. At all events, this is a procedure that is not applied until the definitive resolution of all grants and subsidies for the academic year, and for all students with reductions authorised during the academic year.