Environmental Science

Responsable: Valentí Rodellas Vila
Adreça electrònica : valenti.rodellas@uab.cat
Telèfon : 935868284
Despatx :C3/344

You must contact the coordinator before formalizing the agreement or registering the subject.


Description, objectives and requirements of the company work placements

There is the possibility of doing work placements in companies, research centers or the Administration (City Halls, Generalitat...).

The objectives of these work placements in companies are (see teaching guide):

  • Introduce students to the professional world of environmentalists.
  • Open the business world to students.
  • Offer a possible path of labor insertion

In order to carry out the practices, the following requirements and observations must be taken into account:

  • Must have passed 120 credits.
  • Have all the first subjects passed.
  • The spirit of the subject is that the practices are done outside the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • The same topic of work in company work placements and in the Final Degree Project cannot be repeated.
  • 1 internship credit is equivalent to 25 -30 hours of work.


External work placements documentation  (available in Catalan)

Work placements normative
Work placements preinscription
Work placements workplan
Agreement proposal (recoge datos para elaborar el convenio)
Final report
Avaluation File
Subject presentation (2018-2019)


Current offers

Several companies and institutions offer the possibility of work placements in companies to students of Environmental Sciences. If you are interested in any of these offers or would like more information about any of them, you can contact the internship coordinator.

Below, you will find the most recent list of work placement offers in companies. By clicking on the name of the company or entity you can view the files of each of them with more information (available in Catalan or Spanish).

OFFERS 2022-2023

Societat Catalana d'Educació Ambiental

Remolques y Servicios Marítimos (Reyser)

Hotel Mandarin Oriental


Hera Holding Habitat Ecologia y Resturación Ambiental S.L.

Ajuntament de Ripollet

SM Sistemas Medioambientales, S.L.

Espai TReS

L'Organització de Consumidors i Usuaris de Catalunya

ESITEC Energia S.L.

Griño Ecologic S.A.

Fundació MONA

Naturalea Conservació

Ajuntament Rubí

Estudi Ramon Folch i Associats S.L.

Develop Index Ambiental S.L.

Ajuntament de Rubí, Benestar Animal i Tinença Responsable

Solucions Geogràfiques SCCL

Alba Jussà SCCL


OFFERS 2021-2022



Barcelona de serveis municiplas

Casa Ametller

Griño Ecològic

ICTA -bike


Solucions Geogràfiques SCCL - Període Abril-Juliol

Solucions Geogràfiques SCCL - Període Gener-Abril

Solucions Geogràfiques SCCL - Període Setembre-Desembre


OFFERS 2020-2021

Organic Mediterranean SL

Griño Ecologic SA 

Alba Jussà SCCL




Develop Index Ambiental SL

Organització de Consumidors i Usuaris de Catalunya

Ajuntament de Tiana



Historical catalog of entities, institutions and companies.

Below you can find a document with the list of companies that have historically made internship agreements with students of Environmental Sciences. If you would like more information about any of these companies, you can contact the company internship coordinator:

Historical catalog of entities, institutions and companies.