Bachelor's degree coordinators

Bachelor's degree coordinators

The course coordinators are in charge of directing and organising the teaching of each course taught at the Faculty of Science. The course coordinator can be assisted by a deputy course coordinator.

Environmental Science: Cristina Palet Ballús  

Applied Statistics: Ana Alejandra Cabaña Nigro

Mathematics: Wolfgang Pitsch

Physics: Pere Masjuan Queralt            

Geology: Oriol Oms Llobet     

Chemistry: Jordi García-Antón Aviño           

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Maria del Mar Puyol Bosch

Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics: Albert Ruiz Cirera

Environmental Sciences and Geology: Elena Druguet Tantiña
Physics and Mathematics: Vicenç Méndez López
Physics and Chemistry: Luís Rodríguez Santiago 
Sciences - UAB/UAM/UC3M: Xavier Bardina Simorra