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It is mandatory to contact the coordinator before formalizing the agreement or enrolling the subject.

Physics students will be able to study the subject of External Work Placements with one of the Companies, Services or Institutes with which the Department of Physics establishes a collaboration agreement. The main objective of this subject is to introduce the student to the world of work while offering him a possible future way of employment.


External work placements characteristics

  • The spirit of the subject is that the work placement takes place outside the UAB.
  • Optional subject of 12 ECTS = 300 hours of student dedication.
  • The subject has a flexible enrollment period that extends throughout the academic year.
  • It will not be possible to do the same work in the External Work placements and in the Final Work Degree. If a duplicate is detected, the TFG will be automatically suspended.
  • The internships can be taken in the first semester or in the second semester.


  1. The student is addressed to the professor responsible for the External Internships and determine the company where to carry out the internship.
  2. The student fills in the attached document “Formalization Data of the Agreement” (the document is shown at the end of this section) and contacts the company to fill it. This document must be signed by the person responsible for the agreement or tutor of the company.
  3. The student will bring the document "Formalization Data of the Agreement", to the person in charge of practices so that he or she can validate the work plan and process the agreement.
  4. The student, with the approval of the Head of External Internships, formalizes the agreement and enrolls in the subject in the Administration of Sciences.
  5. At the end of the internship, the student will give the professor responsible for External Internships a brief report of the work done (an example is shown at the end of the section), it is necessary to attach a letter of evaluation of his tutor (example at the end of the section) to the company. The report must be delivered 15 days before the closing of events.
  6. The professor responsible for the External Internships will assess the work carried out and give him a qualification before the closing of acts of the corresponding period.


Work placements documentation (available in Catalan)

Data formalization agreement
Final report model
Avaluation file
Historical companies catalog