Final project

The undergraduate studies must conclude, the last year, with the elaboration and presentation of a work that allows a global and synthetic evaluation of the specific and transversal competences associated with the degree.

Within the framework laid down in the general rules, each institution, through its evaluation committee, may establish specific criteria for the evaluation of final-stage work which, depending on the resources available, regulate the possibility of setting up evaluating tribunals, the possibility of oral defence of the work, and any other aspect related to the development and evaluation of the final degree work.

The work evaluation will always be individual, even if the activity has been developed collectively.

The information on the final degree work must be made public in the teaching guide and this information must include specific information:

The criteria from which the work will be evaluated.
The planned activities of follow-up and mentoring of the work.
The format in which the work should be presented (structure, extension or support)
The deadline for submission of the paper.
The review procedures.
Requirements for registration:

In order to enrol for the Bachelor’s Degree, it is necessary to have exceeded at least two thirds of the total credits of the curriculum.
It is necessary to have passed at least all the subjects of the first year.

Bachelor's degree final project Guide