Professional Competence Model for UAB Researchers

Researchers need to develop a set of skills that enable them to progress properly in their career. Beyond research skills and abilities of their own field of knowledge, they require other skills that prepare them for their future career inside or outside the academia.

The Professional Competence Model for UAB Researchers distinguishes six domains that gather 22 descriptors. The Model is based on the list of transferable skills defined by the European Science Foundation [ESF] (2009), which OECD (2012) assembled into 6 categories, and other models like the Researcher Development Framework of the United Kingdom (VITAE, 2011).


The model definition has a twofold objective: (a) To identify and to define the key skills that all researchers need to develop through every step of their research career in order to contribute to their professional and personal development, and (b) To have a reference framework for planning training action that contributes to the development of researchers’ professional skills.


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