University Chairs

The UAB includes multiple university chairs through which a specific subject is studied and researched in depth. They are managed jointly with other international institutions, companies and organisms, giving way to collaborations and synergies between the UAB and other non-university entities.

The UAB Chairs cover different areas of knowledge, from health and prevention to cultural heritage and the promotion of ethical values. They are held in high prestige and contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology to society.

The Chair of Community Education was born in December 2013 through the ERDISC research group of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Department of Applied Pedagogy and the “La Caixa” Foundation with the aim to become a reference among the specialists as well as among the people and agents involved in the planning and implementation of educational actions, which act especially in disadvantaged socio-economic ambits.

Chair of Community Education

The Avedis Donavedian Research Chair was created in November 2000 and is associated to the Department of Medicine of the UAB Faculty of Medicine.
Its objective is the research in the field of improving the quality of health care.

Avedis Donavedian Research Chair

The Jordi Arbonès Chair of Translation was created by the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting and the Department of Translation and Interpreting on 21 May 2003 in memory of the late translator, who died two years earlier.

Jordi Arbonès was a unique figure in the recent history of translation and literature. Not only did he enable Catalan readers to discover some of the great writers of English literature, but he also published translations in nearly all genres, despite these not becoming known to a wider audience.

Working through a commission, the aim of the Chair is to promote the preservation, dissemination and study of the works of Jordi Arbonès, as well as research on Catalan translation and literature.

Jordi Arbonès Chair in Translation

Since 27 February 2002, the UAB holds the collection of poet José Agustín Goytisolo manuscripts, correspondence, photographic archive, and printed texts, all donated by the poet's wife and daughter.

The José Agustín Goytisolo Chair is attached to the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, and more specifically to the Department of Spanish Studies. Lecturer Carme Riera is responsible for the Chair.

The UAB Unesco Chair of Communication was created in 1989, and is the first of its kind in the world. The Chair is integrated into and managed by the Communications Institute (InCom).

The Chair's objectives include developing academic and research activities based on communication-related themes through internationally-renowned specialists, supporting Unesco initiatives in communications, disseminating Unesco's ideas and values, and communicating and promoting the areas of communication in which Unesco works: communication and media, information, informatics and infostructures and the International Programme for the Development of Communications.

UAB Unesco Chair of Communication

Unesco Chair on Peace and Human Rights was created in December 1996 thanks to an agreement between Unesco, the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) Commission for Universities and Research, and the UAB, and the aims of the Chair are promoting reflective thought, studies and activities based on the Peace Culture, disarmament, preventing conflicts, and other topics related to Peace and Human Rights.

In the summer of 1999, the Chair broadened its range of activities by creating the Peace Culture School. The director of the Peace Culture School, Vicenç Fisas, is responsible for this Unesco Chair.

Unesco Chair on Peace and Human Rights

On 9 January 1995, in Lausanne, the International Olympic Committee and the UAB signed an agreement to create the world?s first International Chair of Olympism. The main objectives of the Chair are research, education, documentation and dissemination of the Olympic Movement's ideals.

Cooperation between the Olympic Movement and universities, particularly in the field of social sciences and humanities, is also one of the Chair's objectives. Dr. Miquel de Moragas, professor in Communication, founder of the Olympic and Sport Studies Centre and director of the Institute of Communication (InCom), was appointed by the IOC and the UAB as the Chair's General Coordinator.

The UAB-Novartis Chair of Family Medicine Teaching and Research was created in March 2001, and is run by the Primary Health Care Unit in the Department of Medicine at the UAB.

The aim of the Chair is to promote teaching and research in the field of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care using various training, research and information/documentation activities.

The "Joaquim Barraquer" Research Chair in Ophthalmology  is the result of an agreement between the Barraquer University Institute and the UAB. Currently, its main areas of research are improving cataract surgery, the safety of lighting on surgical microscopes, and the importance of being aware of both the effects of dazzling and visual defects in European drivers.

Research Chair in Ophthalmology

The role of the Chair of Mobility and Road Safety is to impulse teaching, research and technology transfer in the fields of accident prevention, road safety and mobility. The Chair is funded by the RACC Foundation and is situated at the School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security.

The Chair of Cardiovascular Research was created in 1995 following an agreement signed between the UAB, the Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau and the Catalana Occidente Foundation. The role of the Chair is focused on research into mechanisms for preventing cardiovascular diseases. The Chair's research includes analysing coronary risk factors and ways of preventing this type of risk.

The Research Chair in Clinical Cardiology was created thanks to an agreement between the Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau and the UAB signed in January 2004. The Chair supports the Department of Cardiology at the hospital through clinical and applied research, as well as through teaching.

The Chair of Infectious Diseases was established thanks to collaboration between the UAB and the University Institute belonging to the Fundació Parc Taulí. The aim of the Chair is to promote teaching and research in the field of infectious diseases.

Among the various educational activities, it is worth highlighting two doctoral programmes, as well as a number of meetings organised with the aim of analysing certain aspects of infectious diseases. The main area of research for the chair is Zoonosis, i.e. the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans.

The Chair is attached to the Department of Medicine, but also maintains a close relationship with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UAB. UAB professor Dr Ferran Segura Porta is responsible for the Chair.

The Chair of Road Safety Education and Training was created on 4 November 2004 and is linked to the Department of Applied Education belonging to the Faculty of Education. The purpose of the Chair is to promote training, education, research, information and documentation in order to encourage a reduction in road accidents in Catalonia.

The Chair will also serve to promote and encourage collaboration between internationally renowned organisations, teachers and researchers, and UAB researchers and lecturers, with the same aim of reducing road accidents through road safety training and education.

The Chair of Applied Physiology was established thanks to cooperation between the  Fundació Parc Taulí University Institute and the UAB. The Chair's main research field is acute respiratory failure, and it examines four areas of the disorder: the epidemiology of acute respiratory failure, the pathophysiological processes of acute lung injury, respiratory mechanics and assisted mechanical ventilation, and specific treatment for acute lung damage.

Research is carried out at the Critical Care Centre and the Experimental Pathophysiology Laboratory, both of which belong to the Parc Taulí's Health Corporation. The higher education courses organised by the Chair include two doctoral programmes and two postgraduate courses in Nursing.

The Chair's scientific role has gained international recognition, and is part of the Acute Respiratory Failure Research Network (Red-GIRA) FIS G03/063. The Chair also organises the International Symposium on Infections in the Critically Ill Patient. The Chair is attached to the Department of Medicine, and the Director is UAB professor Antoni Artigas Raventós.

On 1 July 2005, the UAB, the Barcelona Institute for Health Care (IMAS) and the Menarini pharmaceutical company created the UAB-IMAS-Menarini Chair of Research and Education in Pain. This initiative aims to meet the needs of today's society, which demands that proper treatment be given for pain. In terms of research, all three signatory institutions will promote projects related to physiopathology and pain treatment, which will be led by scientific and academic staff belonging to the Chair. The main educational activity of the Chair is a postgraduate programme which began in 2006. The Chair is held by Margarita Puig.

The "Social Brain" Chair was created in June 2006 thanks to an agreement between the Barcelona City Council and the UAB. The Chair, associated to the UAB Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine, aims to shed light on new ways of understanding social behaviours among humans. To reach its objective, the "Social Brain" Chair takes on an eclectic approach to gather contributions from different disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology, neurobiology, anthropology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, sociology and philosophy. Research in these fields works towards studying the social sphere of human beings according to how the brain functions and its evolutionary past.

Chair activities include organising international scientific meetings; promoting contacts, exchanges and collaborations between researchers in the field of social neurosciences; making the general public participant of interdisciplinary dialogues; developing new lines of research within the field of social neuroscience and, finally, disseminating all knowledge acquired and making it available to those who may benefit from it.

The UAB-IES-FDR Chair in Qualitative Research belongs to the Department of Social Psychology and is directed by the Doctor Robert Foundation. Its mission is to contribute, promote and consolidate both qualitative and participative research and assessments from a multi-professional and a multi-sectorial perspective, with special emphasis on the health and social areas.

The Antoni Serra Ramoneda Research Chair is sponsored by the Universitat Aut?noma de Barcelona and Caixa Catalunya, a leading savings bank in Europe. The main objective of the Chair is to promote research in the field of Business.

Another of the purposes of the Chair is to present the results of its research by means of seminars, courses and workshops, and to promote the adaptation of such results to the business environment in order to achieve more competitive organizations that are capable of facing the challenges of a global economy.

The Chair will also oversee the incorporation of its research results into teaching programs in order to achieve the main objective of the studies taught by the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, namely, the promotion of high quality and innovative education.

EUGIN Research Chair was created from the collaboration agreement between the Research Park Clinic UAB and EUGIN (EUVITRO SL) in order to promote a set of activities in the field of study of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.


The José Saramago Chair was created in the year 2007 by UAB's Instituto Camões and is the product of all the work carried out since 2001 by the Centro de Língua Portuguesa / Instituto Camões de Barcelona. The purpose of the chair is to promote the Portuguese language and literature with a cross disciplinary approach, with the aim of establishing collaborations with other chairs, projects, universities and other public and private institutions.

This chair receives its name from Portuguese author José Saramago, Nobel Laureate in Literature, and its headquarters will be in Barcelona. The chair's projects will focus on promoting research in cultural relations between peoples of the Iberian Peninsula, with special relevance to the historical and cultural relations between Portugal and Catalan-speaking regions: Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencia, and the Principality of Andorra.
Of special importance will also be the projects related to African countries in which Portuguese is spoken and relations with countries in Latin America.

Centro de Língua Portuguesa / Instituto Camões de Barcelona

The UAB-SEMCC Chair of Medical Knowledge Management in Physiological Ageing was created through an agreement signed on 1 April 2012 by the Spanish Society of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery (Sociedad Española de Medicina y Cirugía Cosmética) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The SEMCC is a non-profit association whose main objective is to foster research in ageing. It is also interested in the development of support policies for research, teaching and general scientific activities related to the initiatives aimed at basic research into the processes of ageing and the effect they have on quality of life, as well as those causing alterations in body image.

This UAB Chair is affiliated with the Department of Medicine of the UAB Faculty of Medicine and carries out the following activities:

  • Develop research programmes related to the study of generalised and localised processes of both physiological and pathological ageing, as well as those causing alterations in body image.
  • Give support to the publication of monographs on subjects under study.
  • Develop joint cultural and dissemination activities related to teaching and research in this field.
  • Organise and celebrate training activities, such as seminars, workshops, conferences and master lectures.
  • Encourage, supervise and/or manage proposals for the normalisation and standardisation, through specific requirements, of clinical and healthcare services in this sector.

The Chair is held by Professor Jaume Alijotas i Reig from the UAB Department of Medicine.

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The Chair Enric Prat de la Riba of Local Legal Studies was created on April 14, 2009 and is the result of the extensive collaboration between the Private Foundation Lecture Hall of High Studies of Elected Members (Fundació Privada Aula d’Alts Estudis d’Electes  (FAAEE)) of the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Regions (Associació Catalana de Municipis i Comarques (ACM)). Its objective is the promotion of research, knowledge transfer and training activities in the field of law, finance and management of local entities.

The Chair is attached to the Department of Public Law and Historic and Legal Sciences. Dr. Judith Gifreu Font, professor of administrative law is the director of the Chair

Departament of Public Law and Historic and Legal Sciences

The Manuel Ballbé Chair of Human Security and Global Law was created in November 2021 with the purpose of giving continuity to the work and thought of Dr. Manuel Ballbé in the area of law and is born with the aim of energizing the study, maintenance and development of the rights and freedoms that form the basis of a safe, healthy and sustainable democratic society, capable of managing all these risks and taking into account ecological balances and human rights, as a central pillar of the system.

The Chair is attached to the Department of Public Law and Historical-Legal Sciences and its director is Dr. Roser Martínez Quirante, professor of administrative law.

Manuel Ballbé Chair of Human Security and Global Law-Securitas