Four Syrian and Kurdish students study prevention in violent extremism at the UAB

Surt la resoluciů de les beques Prevenciů d'Extremismes Violents

Based on a call for scholarships promoted by the Welcome Refugee Program, it encourages people in a situation of refugee seeking to pursue university studies and exercise their activism.


Last June, Fundació Autònoma Solidaria (FAS) announced a new call for scholarships aimed at financing four seats in a specialized course in the field of violent extremism prevention. (PEV Scholarships)

The call, financed by the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, was aimed at women from the refugee community that because of their personal and professional background in activism, can be key agents in the transference of knowledge in preventing violent extremism. Finally, the resolution stated that the beneficiaries of the scholarships are four young Syrian and Kurdish activists. 

During the academic year, the students will be able not only to follow their training itinerary but also to share their professional, academic, and activist knowledge and experience through a different set of activities to raise awareness and mobilize the other students and teachers in the university. The FAS will help organize these activities. 

These scholarships are part of the Welcome Refugee Program which has the goal of improving university practices in favor of the rights of the refugee people in UAB. The Refugee Program works to promote access to higher education for students in a refuge situation. It also spreads the knowledge of the structural reasons behind forced displacements and provides tools for action through advocacy, outreach, and awareness actions.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration of coordinators and academic management departments of the Master in Political Science: of the Master in International Relationships, Security and Development; of the Ph.D. in Human Security and Global Law; and finally of the Ph.D. in Terrestrial Ecology.


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