Open registration for second semester’s artistic activities

Formaciů artŪstica

You have until 28 February to register for the Body Percussion and Voice Technique workshops, as well as other theatre proposals such as acting in French or Spanish Golden Age theatre. You can also take part in the Viu la Cultura programme and be part of the Chorus or the Orchestra.


This second semester is full of proposals for artistic training for all tastes. If you aim to develop your body’s rhythmical possibilities as an individual and within a group, you can register for the Body Percussion course. If what you want to improve is your voice, both musically and in your daily life, the Voice Technique workshop is for you.
On the other hand, the theatre workshops Introduction to Theatrical Interpreting in English and in French are two activities addressed to those who wish to dive deep into the theatre world and are a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of both languages. Another proposal for students to learn classical theatre techniques such as diction and dramatic verse interpreting is the Golden Age Theatre course.
Registrations to become part of the UAB’s Chorus and Orchestra are also open. If you sing or play an instrument, here you will find a space where you can develop your skills and work on a repertoire with music from the Renaissance until the most contemporary styles.
Registrations are open until 28 February, online option also available. Nonetheless, bear in mind that spots are limited and they are given on a first come, first served basis. If you want to join any of the courses mentioned above, do not leave it for the last minute!
All courses can be recognized with 1 ECTS credit except the Golden Age Theatre one, which has no academic recognition. Spots for the Chorus and Orchestra can be recognized with 2.5 and 3 ECTS credits respectively.
Cultura en Viu
L’Àgora building (Plaça Cívica)
Telephone number: 93 581 10 21


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