Subject offer & requirements


The Faculty of Politics and Sociology at UAB, offers a large selection of courses taught in English, Spanish and Catalan. The offer is yearly updated and includes subjects among our regular students offer:



It is important to see courses belonging to the semester during which the student is coming

(!) Our main teaching language is Catalan, which means that we have a limited offer of subjects in Spanish and English. In order to allow all students take subjects in both languages, they can register in a maximum of 5 courses, 30 ECTS per semester, which may be:

  • Maximum 2 subjects in English (12 ects)
  • Maximum 1 subject in Spanish (6 ects)
  • Other courses in Catalan

Full year students can register in the double credits in each option, understanding that a full year course in English takes 12 ects (that would be understood as 6 ects in semester 1 and 6 ects in semester 2),although the subject can't be splitted.

Syllabi (guías docentes), schedules and complete information about our Faculty courses can be checked here (see left menu). Complete calendar with schedules and clasrooms information can checked here once published,

The minimum quota will be guaranteed, but course selection will be upon availability (no specific courses can be confirmed until the student makes the selection in the application).

A minimum 50% of the total credits must be enrolled at your host faculty at UAB. The remaining credits can be enrolled in a different faculty (upon availability, note that there may be also limitations or requirements), or students can also take language courses in the UAB School of Languages that may transfere into recognized ECTS, depending on each university.

Courses from other faculties

On this page you will find the general academic offer of the UAB. To make sure that the subjects you are interested in are open to exchange students, consult the Exchange Office of the relevant faculty or school.

Other Faculties subjects also work under availability, and  the period for requesting them opens about 1-2 week after the start of the semester.
A few days after the start of the semester you will get further instructions on how to apply for them.



Our incoming students taking bachelor courses are required to have a minimum level of B2 of English and B2 in Spanish (depending on the language of instruction of the requested subjects).

If students want to register in both Spanish taught and English taught courses, they will have to submit both certificates. No Catalan certificate is required.

* Catalan and Spanish Language Courses:

Exchange students can learn Catalan and Spanish with subsidized courses (Spanish subsidized coures are offered too). Each year there are also free initial Catalan courses for incoming students. More info at:

UAB Languages Campus

2023/24 Spring term offer:

Information about Catalan  language courses for incoming students (ES, EN)

Information about Spanish  language courses for incoming students (ES, EN)



Master courses are only available to exchange students of Master level coming from universities with an active bilateral agreement for that level. In all cases students must ask for the approval approval of the master coordinator through our exchange office ( 

Students can choose among the following Masters:

Ciencia Política / Polítical Science

Política Social, Trabajo y Bienestar / Polítical Science

Relaciones Internacionales, Seguridad y Desarrollo / International Relations, Security and Development

Please contact the exchange office in order to get detailed information about the open offer and procedures for incoming students