Application form and enrolment process

The process starts once you have done your application form through the SIA portal and received your admission letter from our International Office at UAB.  This allows the Faculty of Economics and Business, to send an e-mail with all the information you need to select your courses (requirements and deadlines). You will receive the message by mid-June, for first semester and annual stays. In the case of second semester stays, the message will be sent by mid-December.
Basically, this is an online process that you should follow before coming to the UAB, which will allow you to reserve place on your courses and make your appointment for the official enrolment, that will be formalised on your arrival at our Faculty.

Before choosing courses you should check our course offer. As you will see, the list is sorted by semesters, you should choose courses according to the term during which you are coming, first or second. In case of annual stays, during the second semester there will be a new enrolment process for courses belonging to the second semester.
You should check the language, credits, timetable and group of each course. Keep in mind that one course could have more than one possible group, that is, more than one possible timetable. Choose the most suitable for you.

You must take into account that you can only choose and enrol courses from that list. They are the only courses available for international exchange students; despite you can find a slightly higher course offer on other sections of our website.

Courses from other faculties

You may also be interested in taking courses from other faculties at UAB. In order to get information about their courses you should check the other faculties’ website or contact them directly. Each Faculty at UAB has its own process and different from us. In any case, the registration of these courses must be done by our Faculty.
However, the Faculty of Economics and Business cannot reserve online places (unlike our courses) nor guarantee the access to the courses from other faculties. Hence, we will not be able to know if there are available places until your arrival. For this reason, if when formalizing your registration there are no available places, we should ask for authorization to that faculty. In addition, you should bear in mind that at least 50% of your credits must belong to our faculty.

Once you have decided your courses, you will have to prepare the documents listed below and upload them on the system, which will allow you to reserve place in your courses:

• Photocopy of your ID or passport
• Updated Student Academic Records
• Language Certificate

Following, we will proceed to review your documents, if they are correct and you meet the academic and language requirements, the system will allow you to select your courses and make the appointment for the official enrolment.
Be aware that you will have a deadline for these processes. On the aforementioned e-mail, you will be informed about the period within which the system will be open. Out of this deadline, you will not be able to choose courses nor make any appointment. Given this case, you will have to wait to be at UAB and choose your courses from a vacant list.
Once you have got place on your courses and made your enrolment appointment, you should print out your course selection. In order to proceed with your official enrolment, this document must be delivered to the Faculty, duly signed, the day of registration that you booked on the system.
The official enrolment takes place upon arrival. You will be required to show your ID or passport when arriving. First semester and annual students are usually registered during the first week of September; second semester students are usually registered around the first week of February. Hence, you should arrive at UAB one week in advance of the beginning of classes; you will have an appointment for it (this is the appointment that you should make on the aforementioned system).
For further information, check the user guide that you can find on this same web page.

Learning agreement

Our Faculty does not need you send the learning agreement in advance, despite, the admission letter says a different thing, our Faculty works a bit different. However, if your home university requires you a signed agreement before coming, please, wait to get confirmed your courses through the system, as a minimum. Then, we will be able to send it back signed. On the contrary, we would rather you wait to be at UAB, since it will be much better once your courses are officially enrolled.

To get access to the courses offered at the Faculty of Economics and Business, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a minimum level of B2 will be required for the language of instruction of the chosen courses, that is, English, Spanish or Catalan. No certificate will be required for that language in which no courses have been selected. Regarding courses taught in Catalan, a Spanish certificate will also be accepted due to the similarity between both languages.

The required level can be stated by three possible ways; however, according to your native language and home country, you could be exempt, the system will show it:

1.    Official Certification                                                                                

Accepted Test

Minimum Score







Cambridge: IELTS


Cambridge: General English Exams


Cambridge: BEC

BEC2: Vantage

Pearson Test of English: PTE General/ Académico

Nivel 3/ 59



University of Michigan: MET


Oxford Test of English: OTE




CET-4 (China) 425

British Council


Trinity College


DELE (Spanish)


SIELE (Spanish) B2
BULATS (Spanish) 60
TELC (Spanish) TELC B2


2.    Certification issued by the Language Services at the home university, stating that the student has a minimum level of B2 or equivalent according to the above table.
3.    Certification issued by the home university that states the student is following studies taught entirely in the corresponding language or has passed 90 credits in that language, as a minimum.


After the registration period, you will be able to change the courses that you have registered for. You will be duly informed about the deadline for applying at the same time of your official enrolment. No changes will be possible after this date.