On completion of the stay


If your home university requires it, hand in the documents that need to be signed at Gestió Acadèmica, as a maximum one week before your departure date (attendance statement…).

Transcript of records

Once you have finished your exams and your stay with us, we will send your transcript of records directly to your home university. This transcript will not contain, in any case, courses you have not included in your registration, such as language courses. The Languages Services of UAB will give you the suitable certificate. You should ask them for it with enough time before your departure.

 Description of the Institutional Grading System/ ECTS Grading Scale
0-10 Scale RD 1125/2003 ECTS scale Transformation of qualitative scores
  Non-assessable (*) F 0
0 – 4.9 Fail F 2.5
5.0 - 6.9 Pass C 6.0
7.0 – 8.9 Merit B 8.0
9.0 – 10 Distinction A 9.5
9.0 – 10 Distinction with honour A+ 10

(*) The Student did not sit the exam.