Term Teaching Exams
Mid-term Final  Retakes
First 12th September - 21st October 2022  24th October - 28th October 2022 -- --
2nd November - 22nd December 2022 -- 9th January - 26th January 2023 30th January- 8th February 2023
Second 13th February - 24th March 2023 27th March - 31st March 2023 --  --
11th April - 31st May 2023 -- 5th May - 23nd June 2023 27th June - 6th July 2023


  • In order to avoid leaving the UAB before the end of the exam period, you should be aware of these dates to program your departure day.
  • Long distance exams: Our policy is not to support long distance exams. We have a large amount of exchange students and it would be impossible to handle requests on a regular basis.
  • Exam rooms: You should make sure which the exam room is. It is never the same as the teaching room.

For further information: See the link (INFORMATION FOR 2022-23 TO BE UPDATED)