Geriatrics and health of the elderly

SUMAR project

People Centered Care Model (PCC)

This proposes to improve the life quality of people who require social and health care, especially in the activities of their everyday lives, through the promotion of personal autonomy, respect for their life project and the humanisation of relations between professionals, users and their families.

Under the paradigm of PCC is the discovery of specific new attributes of care services which, until now, had not been taken into account by traditional care models.

Consequently, despite the existence of different generic satisfaction and/or quality surveys on perceptions in residential and day care centres for the elderly, none of these sufficiently cover the important new attributes related to PCC.

SUMAR Social Action

SUMAR (Public Social Action Services of Catalonia) is a pioneering entity in care improvement in this country and is promoted by PCC Culture, a concept which sees the elderly person as the central figure for care and decision-making.

Interest in an initial creation and validation of surveys to measure the evaluation of quality perceived by the users and their relatives within the PCC framework has led SUMAR to collaborate with the Foundation for Health and Ageing of the UAB in the production of a study which began in 2017.

The aim is to create a new tool for measuring satisfaction in terms of quality of life of elderly people who live in residences managed by SUMAR and that of their families.