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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Institut d'Història de la Ciència

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‘reading, listening, and reading. {A try-out for} a collective walk on how we read and listen to the environment, history, and each other.’

27/06/24, 13:30h
Sala Seminari iHC


‘reading, listening, and reading’: interactive and collective walk
Artistic installation by Alicia Jeannin (spoken-word audiovisual artist, performer and scenographer) and Max Bautista Perpinyà (PhD student in philosophy at UCLouvain and visiting fellow at iHC-UAB)


‘reading, listening, and reading’ is an interactive installation in the form of a collective walk around sound devices, to be set up in conferences, exhibitions, or museums. Participants will hear, read, and re-activate the voices of fellow colleagues in environmental history (and neighbouring fields) speaking of their intimate practices of reading and listening. We will hear how they read a source, read a colleague’s book, actively listen to a witness, or read changes and conflicts in the landscape. The collection of voices is embedded in a mixed-media dispositif: voices, texts, images, and diagrams will serve to create a warm and sensorial space. The guiding thread is to explore how what we read in our environment is mediated by the variety of reading practices themselves. This installation is a proof of concept on how artistic practices can serve as methodologies in the ambition to re-think how we share our research beyond conventional academic formats.
We would love to listen to your feedback, which would be invaluable, as we are still in the process of setting up our installation, to be displayed for the first time at the 4th World Congress of Environmental History in Oulu (Finland), 19-23 August 2024 https://wceh2024.com/. The experience session shall last about 30 minutes, with plenty of time afterwards for discussion, hearing about your experience and thoughts, and having food together in the seminar room. There is no need to read anything in advance.


More info: https://oliviodare.com/projects.html#reading-listening-and-reading-a-collective-walk-on-how-we-read-and-listen-to-the-environment-history-and-each-other