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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Institut d'Història de la Ciència

Radical Environmental Humanities Reading Group

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29/05/2024, 15h (CET), Zoom
Reading Group coordinated by Dr. ICREA Marco Armiero (iHC-UAB)

This week's book will be: "This changes everything”, by Naomi Klein.

Klein argues that humans don't cause climate collapse, and nor does carbon. The problem is a particular arrangement of these elements – in other words, capitalism, the whole point of which is to find resources and exploit them. It's a habit of mind, if you like, a form of behaviour. As such, it can be changed. Except that most of the time we cannot see this, because we are "locked in, politically, physically and culturally" to the world that capital has made. "We lack the collective spaces in which to confront the raw terror of ecocide," is how Klein encapsulates the problem. Lucky for everybody then that opening up such spaces is exactly what Klein does best (The Guardian, 19/09/2014).


For further information & Zoom link, please write: marco.armiero@uab.cat