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A rountable on narrative for transformations

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Climate change goes pop.

A roundtable on narratives for transformations (sprouting from the movie Don't look up, Adam McKay, 2021)


This roundtable will be a 90 minute-digital event involving three scholars (Armiero, Swart, and Tabernero), a climate justice activist (de Majo), and a journalist (Cason). The 2021 apocalyptic movie Don't look up will be the starting point for an informal discussion about how we imagine our future. Can narrative explorations of the future help transformations? And how can we navigate between the power of mainstream platforms and the need for radical alternatives? Panelists: Marco Armiero, President of the European Society for Environmental History; Jim Cason, journalist; Elenora de Majo, climate justice activist; Sandra Swart, Stellenbosch University; Carlos Tabernero, Autonomous University of Barcelona Registration Link https://kth-se.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5wqce-vqTgoG9DXZlR17O931JwyIxqUU3B1

ASEH Environmental History Week