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Strategic Plan

The FAS 2017-2021 Strategic Plan: Moving Towards 2021

In November 2016, the Fundació Autònoma Solidària began a project to redefine its strategy that consisted of five phases extending until June 2017, when the Board of Trustees finally approved the Foundation’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

This new strategic plan responds to the need to adapt to the internal changes experienced by the FAS over recent years, in particular changes such as the development of new projects and programmes (Education for Development Education, UAB Impuls or Let's Go, for instance) or innovation in methodologies such as ApS or social mentorship, as well as the need to adapt to strategies for working on these changes, all of which has significantly increased the impact of these actions.

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to better position the FAS as a university-based social organisation of reference, so that its new lines of action include an increase in the social impact of the actions undertaken and an intensification of its relationship with the University. For this reason, with regard to strategy, the FAS has also modified its identity, adapting the mission and vision to the demands of its new model as an organisation.

The development and design of the Strategic Plan involved the collaboration of several internal and external participants at the UAB. Particularly, we would like to highlight the active participation of Tandem Social, a works cooperative focussing on social projects having considerable national and international impact. Additionally, over fifty participants linked to both the FAS and the UAB (students, administrative staff and lecturing & research staff) and representatives from other organisations and the public administration also collaborated.

Framework Document, 2017-2021 Strategic Plan (in Catalan).