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International students learn about Catalan culture

Estudiants internacionals admiren la construcció d'un castell

A group of 28 students from Lone Star College, Texas (USA), have had recently a formative stay at the UAB, which included subjects, Spanish and Catalan language classes and cultural experiences, such as witnessing the construction of a human castle by the UAB squad, Ganàpies.


The group of Texan students from the Lone Star College organized their educational stay with the team of the Tailor Made Programme, of the Specific Programmes for International Students of the FUAB, Study Abroad.

They followed a one and a half weeks tailor-made programme divided into three academic sections -Business, Mediterranean Studies and Language-, during which they received classes in several related subjects, as well as Spanish and Catalan language lessons, and combined it with a selection of cultural outings and experiences.

This educational trip is part of what is called within the American university system Honors International Capstone Travel, honors being a special rank or distinction awarded by a university or school to a student for his/her excellence or success in a particular subject. The capstone project is usually the final assignment and plays a critical role in preparing students for the labour market through its practical applications and ability to help refine students' professional knowledge and skills. The capstone travel is an international stay as part of this project, which this group has spent at our university.

One of the cultural activities scheduled with the aim to share with them the particularities and richness of our home culture was witnessing the construction of a pillar of four by the UAB human castle squad, Ganàpies, and even be part of it, helping in the castle's base, while learning about the Catalan human castle tradition.

On the last weekend of the trip, they stayed at the Hotel Campus, in Vila Universitària, in order to do some cultural activities and visits to the Catalan territory.