Each academic year the PhD candidate must register for the annual review as part of the administrative process to form a contract between the PhD student and the university.

First year Registration

Registration in the first year should be done at the Help Centre on the 3rd floor of the School for Doctoral Studies, once the decision is made and no longer than one month after the decision is made. For personal attention at our offices it is necessary to make an appointment first.

Appointment request to Escola de Doctorat

Registration in the second year and later

If you are a student of second or third year, you can register yourself here:

PhD online enrolment

Prior to registration, please check the additional information and indications on the registration procedure.

Here is a video to show you how to self-register:

(Video in catalan, working on translation)

Need more information? Contact the programme manager filling in this form: *Required fields

Once the form has been sent in you will get a confirmation e-mail