Training activities

The PhD programmes include research training that is both transferrable and specific to the area of each programme and consists of both compulsory and optional activities.

All the activities that the PhD student must complete are recorded in an activities document, but in any case there are compulsory activities that must be completed in the first academic years. It may also include transferrable activities offered by the same university.

Other professional who are not PhD holders may participate in these activities as long as they hold a relevant qualification in the corresponding area.

For this PhD programme the following training activities are scheduled.

Mandatory activities:
  • Oral presentations or posters at national or international conferences
    With the guidance of their thesis supervisor, PhD students prepare a paper on a particular aspect of their research to be presented before an expert audience at a national or international conference.
  • Presentation of a paper at a departmental symposium
    Students may present their latest research findings at scientific symposiums organised by the department itself, or by its research groups.

Optional activities:
  • Participation in internal seminars organised by the research group or the department
    The research groups organise internal seminars at which students are invited discuss their research and present their latest findings, and receive initial feedback from experts.
  • Symposiums for young researchers
    A meeting point for young researchers, whose objective is to provide practice in presenting research and critically analysing it with their peers.
  • Training activities to improve comprehension of the field of study
    These activities can be organised by the PhD programme itself, by the university or by other national or international bodies, and must be agreed on each year by students and the programme heads.
  • Research paper sent to a high-impact scientific journal
    Closely monitored by the thesis supervisor, students must write a research paper presenting initial findings from their research and submit this for publication in a high-impact scientific journal.

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