The Wassu Foundation

Transparency portal

At the Wassu-UAB Foundation we are aware of the need to be trustworthy and transparent, given our role in society. For this reason, we have made the documents on our activity available here.

In this section you will find the statutes of the Foundation, annual accounts, annual reports and information on our Board of Trustees.

Statutes of the Foundation

Wassu-UAB Foundation is a non-profit entity, established on 7 February 2012 through notarial instrument number 231. We are listed in the Registry of Foundations of the Department in accordance with the Ministerial Order dated 9 April 2012, with registry number 1456.
We are governed by the law on legal persons, applicable rules and regulations and, in particular, by our statutes.

Statutes of the Wassu Foundation

Annual reports, annual accounts and abbreviated reports

Annual reports

Annual accounts and abbreviated reports


Links to download the documentation on the agreements subscribed to: