Minor in Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship


The Minor in Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship aims to provide basic, cross-curricular and versatile training in social studies ranging from the perspective of sustainable development to the concept of a global citizenship, with the aim of helping students become familiar with the scientific approaches existing in these fields.

The minor focuses on two large content blocks:
a) Economic, Social and Sustainable Development 
b) Governance, Human Rights and Global Citizenship

The specific objectives of each of these blocks are:
- To transmit to students knowledge of the structural causes of inequalities and the critical analysis of existing developmental models and policies 
- To explain the theoretical and conceptual setting of other developmental paradigms based on the principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability
- To foster the comprehension of relations of power at international levels and current problems, as well as the human rights systems and the role of civil society in contexts of global crises 
- To offer strategies, methods and devices for citizen participation activities aimed at transforming society, under the framework of a social and democratic state

Student profile

The minor is addressed to students from all bachelor's degrees interested in complementing their basic training with a selection of specific subjects in matters related to sustainable development and global citizenship.
No previous knowledge in this field is needed to enrol in the minor.


Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Fifteen places are offered each year.
Academic coordination
Josep Espluga
Department of Sociology