Returning students' enrolment

Enroll from your home in all comfort 

Enrollment online is easy. Read this step-by-step to get a quick idea. 

New: bachelor's degree students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year at FUAB Formació School will self-register online at for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Find out when you can self-register

Query the day and time from which you can automation from on Bachelor’s, Master’S and Doctoral Degree Students, under Registration form and academic record, by clicking Registration form and academic record. 

It's very important that you enrol within the enabled deadline. Outside this term, priority may be lost in selecting subjects and/or the possibility of online enrolment. 


Before accessing the application

Check what gratuities or discounts you can benefit from, and what documentation must be provided in each case, and check the validity and delivery dates.  

If necessary, you must digitalize the accrediting documentation and send it through the documentation form before registering



Read your academic record and subjects to enrol

Prepare your enrolment, check your academic record, consult the subjects you must enrol for your studies and their teaching guides:

Bachelor's Degree in TourismBachelor's Degree in Tourism in English, and Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management

Consult the timetables of the subjects to be enrolled


Go to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Students tab on the application and click on Self-registration of other undergraduates and Master’s degree students. You will need your NIU and password to enter the application. If you don't remember it, you can recover it by Managing passwords.  

For more information see the online enrolment manual.


Payment of registration

Payment of the registration fee is always made, within 10 days of its formalization. You can find more information on payment methods. (pendent de confirmar) Calculate the amount of your registration and deadlines with this simulator.  

At the end of the registration, if you have chosen to pay by direct debit, you must download, sing an sent us the direct debit order document (SEPA) using this e-form

Any questions about the enrolment?

Check the auto-enrollment manual and expand other information in the enrolment FAQ webpage.  

If you have any questions, can call us on +34 935 929 710 send an e-mail to or ask for an appointment  to the Academic Management.