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Legal notice for the School of Tourism and Hotel Management website
Ownership of the website
The domain name http://www.uab.cat/tourism-hotel-management/ is registered to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with Tax Identification Number (NIF) Q0818002H and registered address Edifici A, Campus de la UAB, 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona. Telephone number for enquiries: +34 93 592 97 10; email address: eutdh@uab.cat.
Conditions of use
1.- These are the conditions of use established by Fundació UAB for accessing this website and for data entry on the part of users.
2.- By using this website, users indicate that they accept these conditions of use unreservedly.
3.- This website and the information it contains may be used free of charge. Should any change be made to this policy, Fundació UAB undertakes to publish the new conditions of use on the website as soon as possible.
4.- Users are forbidden from using the website or the information it contains for activities that contravene the law, morality, public order or these conditions of use. Access to the website and proper use of the information contained therein are the sole responsibility of the person concerned, and Fundació UAB may not be held liable for any possible damages arising from this access or use of information beyond its control.
5.- Fundació UAB is not responsible for errors in accessing the website or its content, and will apply the maximum diligence to prevent such errors occurring.
Fundació UAB reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to its web pages without notice in order to carry out maintenance, repair, updating, or improvement operations.
6.- Neither Fundació UAB nor the information providers, as third parties, accept any responsibility for damages, losses, grievances or expenses caused by the following: interferences, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone malfunctions, delays, blockages or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system, caused by deficiencies, overloading or faults in the telecommunication lines and networks, or due to any other circumstance beyond the control of Fundació UAB; unlawful intrusions using malware of any kind through any medium, such as computer viruses; incorrect use of the web pages and security or browsing errors caused by a malfunction in the browser or the use of outdated versions of it.
7.- All contents of the website (including, but not limited to, databases, images, sketches, graphics, text files, audio files, video files, and software) are the sole property of Fundació UAB or of physical or legal third parties that have authorised Fundació UAB to use them, and they are protected by national or international rules on intellectual and industrial property.
The trademarks, rubrics, badges or logos of Fundació UAB that appear on the website are owned solely by Fundació UAB. Therefore, any use or reproduction of these contents by users, or of any other contents that may be included in the future, must be done in accordance with the aforementioned rules.

No texts, graphics or video or audio material belonging to Fundació UAB may subsequently be modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by users or by third parties without express authorisation from Fundació UAB, unless otherwise indicated.

Any unauthorised use of the information on this website and any breach of intellectual or industrial property rights will incur the corresponding legal responsibilities.
8.- Linking to any page of the Fundació UAB website from an external site is subject to the following conditions:

  • None of the activities or services included on the Fundació UAB website may be reproduced in full or in part.
  • No deep links may be set up to the Fundació UAB website or to its activities or services, nor may any web browser or border environment be created.
  • Except for the signs that form part of the hyperlink to the Fundació UAB website, the website on which the hyperlink appears may not contain any trademark, brand name, company sign, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to Fundació UAB, and may not include any false, inexact or incorrect statement about the Fundació UAB website or the activities or services of Fundació UAB.
  • Under no circumstances will Fundació UAB be responsible for content or services offered to the public on websites that link to its own website, nor for any information or statements included on them.
  • Any hyperlink to the Fundació UAB website must be to its home page.

The conditions of use of this website are of indefinite duration. However, Fundació UAB reserves the right to amend the conditions of access and the content included, or the conditions of use of its free service for hosting articles, set out in this document.
This legal notice and the privacy policy are governed by Spanish law.
Users accept that the Catalan version of this document prevails over any other language version.
Parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Barcelona courts, relinquishing all other jurisdictions that may correspond to them.


Fundació UAB is the owner of all intellectual property rights over the design and content of the website http://www.uab.cat/tourism-hotel-management/.  

Fundació UAB is the owner of the industrial property rights over its products and services, and specifically over registered trademarks.