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A word from the Director

A word from the Director Welcome,

First of all, let me congratulate you on deciding to explore the fascinating world of tourism, and the wealth of experiences it has to offer all of us: clients, workers, instructors and students. Congratulations too on choosing our centre and our university as the place to spend these important years in your lives.

As students you are setting out on a path that leads to a career in the tourism sector. Whether you are on an undergraduate, postgraduate or specialist programme, I hope you will always remember your time with us as one of growth – both personal and professional – towards becoming the top-level professionals that the tourist industry needs.

The teaching staff, which I belong to myself, aim to play an active role in your learning, helping you to acquire not just knowledge but also skills that will help you adapt to an ever-changing environment. We hope to instil in you a passion for learning that will last throughout your careers – encompassing management, languages, new technologies, communication skills, the cultural and human heritage, teamwork, and emotional intelligence – and give impetus to your spirit of innovation and creativity.

We are all part of this university, so from the very start, let us make this a place for debate, reflection and learning: a place where you will feel at home and which you will want to return to as graduates.
Finally, on behalf of the teaching staff, tutors, coordinators and administrative and service staff, I offer our best wishes as you set out on these years of learning, new experiences and shared moments.

Maria Noguera