Short learning programmes

Short learning programmes

You can obtain recognised credits for passing non-taught courses in short learning programmes while taking your degree: micromodules, UAB Challenges or other programmes. The list of short learning programmes is approved annually and is published before the start of academic year. 

These credits will be added to your student record as optative subjects with the qualification of pass once the established fee has been paid.  

The different programmes include:

  • Micromodules: short term learning programmes, awarded between 1 and 14 credits, organised by the UAB, once approved by the corresponding body, aimed at the UAB community and also external learners.
  • UAB Challenges: courses published and organised by the UAB, which involve work undertaken by UAB students, other students from the ECIU University, and external students. Their duration will be equivalent to  work carried out for between 1 and 14 credits.
  • Other short learning programmes  

If you want to know which activities you can recognize this year, consult the list of UAB challenges and the list of micromodules.