Minor in Language and Voice Problems

Study plan

The syllabus consists of 30 ECTS credits which students must take, divided into 5 subjects, each worth 6 credits. All of them form part of the Degree in Speech Therapy.

  Subject ECTS Term Group
101688 Oral Communication and Language at Inclusive Schools 6 ECTS 1st term 90
101722 Changes in Language Associated with Other Pathologies 6 ECTS 1st term 90
101713 Psychology of Memory and its Applications to Language 6 ECTS 1st term 90
101733 Language and Psychopathology 6 ECTS 2nd term 90
101726 Voice Education and Health 6 ECTS 2nd term 90
Faculty of Psychology
Each year 10 places will be available.
Academic coordination
Meina Aparici Aznar, Speech Therapy Degree Coordinator

18,46 €/credit