Minor in Language and Voice Problems


The objective of this Minor in Language and Voice Problems is to raise awareness among students and enable them to identify changes in language and voice that may affect or interfere with communication or academic results of primary and secondary level students.

The following specific objectives have been defined:

  1. Know and understand the acquired or developed pathologies that can cause changes in communication capacity as a result of changes in language or voice. 
  2. Be able to understand the different exploratory and evaluation tests of language and voice.
  3. Understand the role of the speech therapist in language and voice pathologies with the areas of educational and clinical intervention. 
  4. Be able to foresee the possible logopaedic needs in cases of voice and language problems. 
  5. Know how to use basic corporal, respiratory and vocal resources for correct voice emission. 
  6. Know and understand the role and the main relationships between memory and the development and acquisition of oral and written language.

Student profile

Students taking the Minor in Language and Voice Problems will be registered for any degree at the UAB and want to complete their basic training with a specific course on the problems of language and voice - essential instruments for communication which, when subjected to changes, may make social interaction and academic training difficult for individuals.


Lectures will take place at the Faculty of Psicology.

Minor in Language And Voice Problems Timetables course 2022-23


Faculty of Psychology
Each year 10 places will be available.
Academic coordination
Meina Aparici Aznar, Speech Therapy Degree Coordinator

18,46 €/credit