Certificates for UAB courses

UAB-specific qualifications

Issuing certificates

The UAB Area of Academic Affairs issues the following certificates:

  • higher diplomas (first-and second-cycle courses),
  • diplomas (first-cycle courses),
  • specialisation,
  • certificates for other types of courses (including those for attendance or attendance-plus-achievement, for specialisations, for elective tracks, foreign language level, etc.),
  • teaching certificates.

You must request your certificate from the Academic Administration Office (Gestió Acadèmica) of your centre or the corresponding service. If you are told that you do not meet all the requirements to obtain your qualification, you are given a period of 10 days during which you may present any relevant documents or challenge the decision.

  • Application form and two photocopies
  • Photocopy of national identity card or passport
  • Receipt of payment of the government-regulated fee for issuing the certificate.
Duplicates of certificates

You may request a duplicate in the following circumstances:

  1. Changes in the data of the application (name, nationality, etc.) made after the certificate's payment date.
    In this case you will have to make a new application, pay the fee, present the original document containing the change and hand the original certificate in to the Academic Management Service.
  2. Loss, destruction or theft of the original certificate: you will have to make a new application, pay the fee and present a sworn statement attesting to the loss, theft or destruction of the original certificate.
    If the certificate has been destroyed you will need to include details of how this happened and, where relevant, a report from the authorities concerned (e.g. the fire service if it was lost in a fire).
  3. Damage to the original certificate you will have to make a new application, pay the fee and attach the damaged original.
  4. Special award (premi extraordinari): To include a special award on your certificate, you will need to request a duplicate and hand the original certificate in to the Academic Management Service. No fee will be charged for issuing the new certificate.
  1. Once you have requested an original certificate or a duplicate, the Academic Administration Office will give you a provisional certificate or a receipt that you will need to present when you collect your certificate.
  2. Once your certificate has been printed, you will be notified so you can collect it. You can collect it personally by bringing your national identity card or passport, or send another person who is authorised by power of attorney, in which case your representative must present a photocopy of your own national identity card or passport.
  3. If you live outside the surrounding area of the UAB, you may also write to the office of the dean or to the management of your centre or service to request that your certificate be sent by post to your home. You should be aware, however, that in this case we cannot accept responsibility if your certificate is lost or damaged in the post.

The fees for issuing UAB certificates are set by the Finance Commission of the UAB Board of Trustees.

Time limit

The time limit for collecting a UAB-specific certificate is five years. After this period, your certificate will be destroyed after you have been notified.

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