School insurance

What is the School insurance?

Student insurance cover is compulsory for all students under the age of 28. You must pay for your insurance when you enrol. If you are not from the European Union you must also have a non-EU-citizen student card (targeta d'estudiant extracomunitària).

Insurance cover

Student insurance covers the following:
• Accidents at university. You have free medical and pharmaceutical assistance and have the right to indemnities or benefits.
• Medical consultation.
• Illnesses included in the student insurance cover.
• Family tragedy in the student's home, due to the death of the head of the household, bankruptcy or the death of a family member, preventing the student from finishing his or her studies.

The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) is responsible for processing insurance applications. You can find information on student insurance cover and services on their website. You can also contact the Centre for Social Security Assistance and Information (CAISS) of the INSS.

Geographical cover
Student insurance covers you in the whole of Spain.
If you are taking your full course at the UAB, you are entitled to student insurance cover for studies and work experience abroad approved by your faculty in the following countries:
• EU countries;
• European Economic Area countries;
• Countries that have an agreement with Spain (check the list of countries at

You should obtain the European Health Insurance card on the Social Security site or from any Centre for Social Security Assistance and Information (CAISS). The card is valid for two years.

In any of these situations, you will have to buy the complementary insurance for student mobility.

Students over the age of 28 or staying in a country not listed above must take out some other form of public or private insurance.

Cover period
Student insurance covers beginning to end of the academic year.

Field trips
If you take part in field trips off-site, you are covered by your insurance provided that the activity is authorised by your faculty or teaching centre.

Students over the age of 28 taking a work placement or participating in any other authorised activity outside the UAB must take out some other form of public or private insurance.

Emergency procedures

Where you can go
If you have an accident you may use any healthcare centres in the public sector or for which an agreement has been arranged as part of the student insurance. If you use any other healthcare centres your student insurance will pay for any bills according to fixed rates and you must pay the difference.

If you have such a bad accident that you are unable to go to one of the centres included in the student insurance, you may pay for treatment in any private centre and apply for a refund through your insurance. The insurance medical inspector assesses the gravity of your accident and decides whether to refund all costs or apply the set rates for the insurance cover.

Demanding services
You may claim benefits from the following institutions:

1. Directorate of the National Institute of Security Social (INSS)
Address: Direcció Provincial de l'Institut Nacional de la Seguretat Social
C/ St. Antoni M. Claret, 5-11
08037 Barcelona
Tel. 93 284 93 58 (ext. 2452)

2. UAB Healthcare Service (Servei Assistencial de Salut)

3. Centre for Social Security Assistance and Information (CAISS) in the province where you live or study:

Girona CAISS Lleida CAISS Tarragona CAISS
C/ Sta. Eugènia, 40 baix
17005 Girona
Tel. 972 214 055
Avda. Prat de la Riba, 3
25006 Lleida
Tel. 973 700 717
Rambla Nova, 84
43003 Tarragona
Tel. 977 236 011

Documents and forms
You must present the following documents to make any claims:

  • An application form for student insurance benefits, completed and signed. You can obtain the form from the INSS, your nearest CAISS or the UAB healthcare centre (SAS). If you go to the UAB healthcare centre they will fill in the "accident report" section.
  • Passport, national identity card or family register (libro de familia).
  • Non-EU-citizen student card, if applicable.
  • Enrolment form with payment stamp. The form must state the current academic year and the modules you've enrolled in and must confirm you have paid for student insurance.
  • Other documents required for your particular type of benefit (see the INSS website).

Incompatible benefits
You cannot claim indemnities from your student insurance in addition to similar indemnities you may be entitled to for the same risk from another Social Security scheme with which you are registered. However, you may combine the Social Security benefits with those provided by other insurers or private companies.