Carpeta de la UAB

Once you have been granted admission to the UAB, you need to enrol in your faculty or school. You will find here all the information you need as a new student: First-year enrolment.

Please check the day and time of your welcoming session and enrolment by visiting the Catalan or Spanish version of this page.

List of bachelor's degrees of the Faculty of Biosciences with pre-registration code and number of places available
Degree Pre-enrolment code Places
Biochemistry 21011 60
Bioinformatics - UAB/UPC/UB/UPF New 91917 50
Biology 21009 80
Biomedical Sciences 21010 60
Biotechnology 21012 80
Environmental Biology 21008 60
Genetics 21035 60
Microbiology 21050 60
Science, Technology and Humanities - UAB/UAM/UC3M 21137 45 (15 at the UAB, 15 at the UAM and 15 at the UC3M)
Sciences - UAB/UAM/UC3M 21131 45 (15 at the UAB, 15 at the UAM and 15 at the UC3M)