International Projects Office

What we do

Functions of the Office

The International Projects Office carries out the following activities, both pre-award and post-award, within the scope of its responsibilities.

Pre-Award Activities


  • Determine the areas of knowledge in which UAB research teams have expertise, in order to identify funding opportunities.
  • Provide information about programmes and calls that fit specific research interests.
  • Organize activities: information events, workshops, etc.
  • Represent UAB research groups in international InfoDays, technological platforms and other international forums.

Assessment and planning

  • Assess project ideas on the basis of the calls/topics.         
  • Establish a schedule for the preparation of the proposal (tasks and responsibilities)

Support for proposals acting as coordinator

  • Advice on legal, administrative and financial issues.
  • Prepare the budget.
  • Provide support during the writing process, particularly on the non-scientific part.

Negotiation stage

  • Provide support during the negotiation stage and in making possible changes.
  • Organize the internal kick-off meeting: PI, department, economic reporting unit and economic management unit.
Post- Award Activities

Project Management

  • Manage UAB coordinated projects of the framework program (H2020 / HEU).
  • Manage budgeting for ERC projects: execute expenditure, perform financial monitoring, prepare situation reports, and prepare documentation for justifications and audits.