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Quality policy

The Management of the UAB Scientific and Technical Services Management Unit (UGSCT) declares its leadership and commitment to the professionalism and quality of the services it offers, and assumes the following commitments:

  1. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the internal rules established at the UAB or at the UGSCT itself and the requirements of users.
  2. Establish a management system that contributes to meeting the needs and increasing the satisfaction of SCT users and the different UGSCT interest groups.
  3. Consolidate the Quality Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness, reviewing the processes that take place in the Unit and establishing the use of procedures for the activities that are carried out. Promote the process approach and risk-based thinking.
  4. Ensure and provide the necessary resources for the development of the UGSCT processes. Facilitate multidisciplinary, flexible, quality support adapted to the needs of users.
  5. Provide knowledge, equipment and staff competencies for the development of projects.
  6. To lead and ensure that the QMS achieves the expected results and to communicate the importance of Quality Management in order to collaborate in the achievement of its objectives, while allowing continuous improvement, thus acting on the effectiveness and efficiency of the results of all activities or processes.

Document of the Quality Policy