Webinars to discuss human-animal relations in a pandemic society


"Coronavirus and Animals. The human-animal relationship in pandemic society" is a webinar series beginning on 22 June and organised by the UAB's internation centre ICALP. It will take place during four weeks of June and July and will deal with a variety of issues related to Animal Law and Welfare. There will be 28 speakers from 15 countries, as well as attendees from all over the world.


A unique opportunity to bring together some of the most brilliant minds in the human-animal field under a multidisciplinary scenario of dialogue and debate.

The International Centre for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP) founded by the UAB five years ago, has organised the series "Coronavirus and Animals. The human-animal relationship in pandemic society", a webinar series which will last four weeks and will include 28 speakers from 15 countries, as well as attendees from around the world.

The series aims to find a space of debate and exchange of ideas to help set down a legal and scholarly agenda on Animal Law in the following years. The panels will cover a huge variety of topics regarding Animal Law and Animal Welfare issues, ranging from China to Australia. It will be a unique opportunity to bring together some of the best minds of the field in a multidisciplinary scenario of dialogue and debate.

The inaugural event will take place on 22 June, and will include the presence of UAB lecturer and veterinary pathologist Martí Pumarola, as well as UAB Rector Margarita Arboix. Following the presentation, the inaugural conference will be offered by Anne Peters, Director of the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg. It will also include the presence of the director of ICALP, Teresa Giménez-Candela. The closing event will be on Thursday 16 July with a conference by Kyle Harper from the Oklahoma University. Harper is a writer whose works have been translated into more than 12 languages. 

In this webinar series, the ICALP aims to bring together the best representatives of transversal specialities to discuss the many and varied issues that animals present to a wide assortment of cultures and countries around the world at a time in which improving the lives of animals is improving the lives of citizens.

The goal of this series of webinars is to enrich the reflection upon how society can change the paradigms that have led us to this situation: industrial activities such as agriculture, farming and aquaculture; the conservation of wild fauna in all its entirety; cohabitation with urban animals; social responsibility towards climate change and the preservation of biodiversity; entertainment, fashion and social relations culture; animal experimentation; transparency and consumer awareness that demands a better understanding of how to ensure animal welfare; global sector governance requiring global agreements that go beyond the EU; public policies recognising animal sentience; the contribution of eco-centric ethical awareness. In all, these are just some of the topics that can contribute towards knowing more to help animals better.

Among the speakers there will be lawyers and magistrates, veterinarians, biologists, journalists, philosophers, historians, academics and experts in climate change and EU policies on animal welfare.

The webinar will take place throughout June and July by way of 30 minute conferences available for all who sign up, and will be recorded in the individuals choice of language (preferably English or Spanish).

The ICALP, created by the UAB in 2015, is the first interdisciplinary, interdepartamental and international centres that structurally integrates Social Sciences, the Humanities, Health Sciences and Animal Welfare Science. This produces an important synergy between four large scientific communities which have traditionally worked seperately, and which now approach all animal-realtes aspects in a comprehensive manner.



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