UAB honorary doctor Ramon Folch i Camarasa dies at age 92

Ramon Folch i Camarasa

Writer and translator Ramon Folch i Camarasa died on 2 January in Mollet del Vallès. He was 92 years old. Author of more than a hundred novels and translator of over 200 works in English, French, Italian and Spanish, Folch i Camarasa was awarded an honorary doctorate from the UAB in 2006.


He received the honorary doctorate after being proposed for the distinction by the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in a ceremony which took place on 26 October 2006 at the conference hall of the Rectorat building. Professor Montserrat Bacardí spoke on the trajectory and works of Ramon Folch i Camarasa, highlighting him as a person who “fills us with integrity, firmness and commitment, and without this he could not have written and translated so many dozens of stories which have made us a little wiser and a little richer”.

In his acceptance speech, Folch i Camarasa spoke on the double tasks of writing and translating: “I, as a writer, tend to write about things with which I am familiar. Translation, on the other hand, forces us to travel on different paths, which are often new and completely unknown to us, and this broadens our horizon and enriches our vocabulary”.

The booklet and video of Ramon Folch i Camarasa's investiture can be viewed at the website for UAB honorary doctorates.


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