UAB cultural activities end the course with more than 8000 visitors

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The activities programmed by Cultura en Viu during the 2019-2020 academic year have attracted thousands of members of the university community despite the Covid-19 crisis.


The cultural activity of the Autonomous University of Barcelona has closed the 2019-2020 academic year with more than 8000 visitors and 122 organized activities. Many of these activities carried out in the different cultural spaces of the UAB and organized by Cultura en Viu (Sala Teatre, Sala Cinema and the different exhibition spaces) have been affected by changes in programming and the Covid-19 health crisis, but nothing has prevented the cultural activity of the university community from developing for another year.

The Sala Cinema UAB has been the most visited cultural room in the last year without a doubt, with 3391 people. 35 film screenings and 7 cinema cycles have been carried out. These events also include 8 previews and 7 conferences.

As for the theater, the Sala Teatre has hosted 12 activities during the course, among which are 9 plays, 2 conferences and a concert. Some of the most significant activities have been the plays 'W.I.T.C.H', by the company Les Fugitives, 'Tempo', by the company Inhabitants, and the Christmas Concert of the UAB. The audience for these activities was a total of 820 people.

With regard to the exhibitions, more than 1,500 people have visited the UAB Exhibition Hall and the Exhibition Space of the UAB Theater Theater. Among these exhibitions we can highlight 'Humberto Rivas: Creative Process' .

In the field of activities with academic recognition, 17 have been held, among which we can find the formations of the Choir, the Chamber Choir, the Orchestra or the Stable Theater Group. In addition, during the course there have been new artistic workshops such as the Urban Dances course or the 'Transfeminismes: gènere i arts vives' workshop. The total participation of these activities has been 325 people. Also, as a result of the exceptional situation caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the Music, Dance and Theater Classrooms have produced online samples of their own production that are available online.


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