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Third edition of the "'Emprèn Pitch" competition, with three surprise trips to be won

Emprèn Pitch

The UAB-Emprèn programme organises a pitch competition, open to all university students, in which each participant has 90 seconds to present their business idea or project. Applications can be sent in until 22 November and the final competition will be held on 12 December.


The final competition will be held on campus and will consist of 13 finalists, three of which will be awarded a surprise Waynabox trip.

A pitch is an oral presentation of a business concept and is often used in the business world, in which communication skills play a very important role. To participate in the Emprèn Pitch, organised by the UAB-Emprèn programme, applicants must be UAB students. Each applicant must record their business idea on a video lasting no more than ninety seconds and attach the link to download their video once they fill out the following application form:

The link cannot expire, and therefore it is recommended that all videos be made available by using services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, and that the free version of WeTransfer be avoided. Deadline for applications is 22 November.

A professional jury will select the top 10 videos, who will go on to the final stage of the competition. Also participating as finalists will be the three winners of a previous pitch competition held at the Faculty of Communication Studies.

The 13 students selected will participate in the final competition, to be held on 12 December at the UAB-Emprèn hall, located at the Plaça Cívica. Once again, each student will have 90 seconds to perform their pitch, this time in front of a jury and other competitors. The jury will then vote on the three top presentations, and each winner will be awarded a surprise trip by Waynabox.

The factors taken into account for each of the presentations will be the presentation itself, the originality and degree of innovation of the business idea, its potential social impact and its viability. The jury will be made up of one representative of the Waynabox company, one from the UAB-Emprèn programme, one from the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, and one from the Faculty of Communication Studies.

Detailed information on the competition can be consulted at the following link:

The previous edition of the Emprèn Pitch competition was successfully held at the end of 2020, in which over 30 students participated.